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STEMnation2021 Activities Outline:

        • “Leaning On Gravity.”
          • Lessons on gravity, what it is and what it does.
            • Bus ride around race track to experience gravity.
            • Discussion: How can we use gravity to our advantage?
            • Experience ball rolling downhill; effect on mass.
        • “Friction, Motion’s Enemy.”
          • Lessons on friction, how it resists motion.
            • Bearings.
            • Rolling objects.
            • Sliding objects.
        • “Sunrays Just Makes Me Boil.”
          • Lessons on the power of the sun.
            • Experience the sun’s power concentrated.
            • Discuss how the solar/trough generator works.
              • Color makes a difference.
              • When air is bad.
        • “Water Heavier Than Steam?”
          • Lessons on the transformation of water into steam.
          • Water incompressible; Steam greatly compressible.
            • Discuss how the solar/trough generator works.
        • “Air, Invisible Power.”
          • Lessons on the properties of air.
            • It’s relationship with heat.
            • It’s relationship with pressure.
          • Creating mobility from air.
            • Construct an A2 powered car.
            • Optimize car performance using knowledge of the day.
              • Gravity
              • Friction
              • Aerodynamics
            • A2 vehicle competition.
              • Fastest time around scaled racetrack.
              • Winners receive prizes.
              • One grand prize winning class
            • A2 Kart rides; not a competition.
          • Discussion of the air powered car, ArO.
            • How it uses HPA
            • How it creates maximum efficiency.
            • How its dynamic aero and suspension systems work.
            • Grand Prize winner rides in the ArO.
        • “Let’s Set Some Records”
          • Students witness world records set using air power.
            • Land Speed (over 200 mph).
            • Fastest lap at a racetrack.
            • Fastest 0-60 mph (0-100kmh).
            • Fastest Acceleration (1/8th mile).
          • Students experience world record solar efficiency.
            • Measure sun compared to electrical output.
            • Experience dual energy generation.
            • Experience multiple fueled systems.
            • 24 hr. solar energy. (via storage)

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